Areas of Expertise

Patent license agreement

Our firm provides both legal counsel and advisory concerning to Intellectual Property Rights, as well as to other related areas. Such services include searches, registrations, the filing of oppositions, administrative and judicial disputes, in addition to the drafting of franchise contracts and the transfer of technology, strategic advice and legal analysis. We also aid in the process of negotiating settlements as well as take actions before both national and international arbitration chambers.

Our litigation branch for Industrial Property is highly active, focused on efficiency and the achievement of results valuable to our clients. Even though our prime goal is avoid litigation, we are furnished with a ready to act team of lawyers that are prepared to deal with such issues when litigation becomes inevitable.

At the same time, our firm develops intensive work on the repression of piracy with both preventive and ostensive measures. Our main objective is to cease any infringement that may be occurring to our client’s rights, proceeding before judicial courts, the IRS, specialized police departments, and customs.

Furthermore, the firm is part of an alliance of many other firms that are represented in all of the country, known as ALAE, providing excellent performance in other counties, in addition to also having representatives in other countries, which allows us to protect Industrial property Rights as well as provide our services abroad.