Management of Intellectual Property Rights


In addition to establishing, protecting and enforcing Intellectual Property rights, managing these valuable assets, if done correctly and in a structured manner is of utmost importance to permit the efficient commercial exploitation and preservation of the rights.

Here are just some examples where specific knowledge of the process and regulations are crucial in the protection of our clients’ interests:

  • - Remittances abroad ofroyalties derivedfromlicenseortechnology transfer agreementsare only allowedin the eventof the registrations of such contractswith the NationalIndustrial Property Institute;
  • - Solicitations and other documentation in connection with franchise offers must be writtenclearly andin conformance withthe applicable law, thoroughlyconsidering all theparticularitiesof the marketingsegmentin question; and
  • - In order to protect trade secrets, it is imperative to providethe “termsof confidentialityandnon-competition” to allindividuals whohavecontact withprotected information.

The professionals at Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello have extensive experience in advising and assisting our clients in the proper and efficient way to manage their intellectual property assets.